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Canteens and dining halls

Recharge your batteries during the break.


Whether school, university, start-up or medium-sized company, in our daily work environment the demands increase with the complexity of the tasks. The quality of work and the number of impressions we have to process are constantly increasing.


This makes it all the more important to create spaces of retreat and quiet zones in both private and professional environments. In larger office landscapes, areas for quiet work and lounges are already standard.


The canteens are of particular importance for rest during the day. This is the place to relax, eat and communicate. Well-planned acoustics are just as important as the quality of food, furniture, lighting and decoration. Often dining halls and canteens are also used for meetings or cultural events.


There are clear specifications for such areas within the framework of occupational health and safety and the workplace guidelines.


When planning restaurants and casinos, the volume setting is especially important. A low noise level reduces stress and speech intelligibility increases. This creates a recreational effect for the users.


We are often called in at a later stage and are also able to improve already existing situations. objectiv has a product portfolio prepared for this purpose. In addition to our own production in Germany and our consulting and planning expertise, the design aspect is one of our particular strengths. Whether integrated into the architecture or decorative, with panels, free-standing acoustic objects or acoustic pictures: We are happy to make suggestions to reflect your company’s design style and colour concept.

Do you have further questions on the subject of room acoustics in canteens and cafeterias?
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