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What makes the difference between a pleasant, relaxed restaurant visit and a stressful one? Room acoustics.

The first thing you would think of, of course, is the quality of the dishes and drinks, but that is far from everything. Our well-being is important for a relaxed experience. Therefore, service and atmosphere also play a big role. These two aspects are significantly influenced by the room acoustics in a restaurant.

Acoustics influence the atmosphere in a resto because they ensure that there is good speech intelligibility. This means that guests are not bothered by noise and they can communicate undisturbed. There are many sounds in a restaurant, guests are chatting, orders are taken and passed on to the kitchen, music is playing in the background, dishes and pots are clattering. The more guests, the higher the noise level, so a successful restaurant needs good sound absorption. After all, good sound insulation lowers the noise level so that guests feel as if they are the only ones there, even during busy periods.

Speech intelligibility as well as communication with service staff is an equally important point in a positive restaurant experience. A non-optimised reverberation time in a workplace, i.e. also in a restaurant, can lead to stress and absenteeism among employees. When service staff are stressed, their motivation to work is impaired and guests notice this consciously or subconsciously. Studies have shown that guests stay longer in a restaurant and consume more if they feel comfortable there. So the stress level of the staff must also be taken into account if you want to create a feel-good atmosphere.

Of course, the design aspect must not be neglected either. In restaurants, you often find a design concept that includes many “hard materials”, such as glass, stone, wood or concrete. In terms of room acoustics, this unfortunately means that the sound waves are not absorbed very well. To maintain the design concept and optimise the acoustics at the same time, there are many different options and the design aspect in particular is one of our special strengths.

There are as many different options for optimising a room acoustically as there are different restaurants. In a modern, elegant restaurant, sound-absorbing elements such as ceiling sails or our award-winning acoustic panels could be integrated into the architecture. A free-standing acoustic object such as our acoustic column Totem or an installation with several hanging acoustic elements, such as our acoustic cube, are real eye-catchers and create an elegant atmosphere with flair. Even in a small, cosy pub, there is room for acoustic pictures with a customised design that will not only look beautiful, but will also make a big difference acoustically.

Please feel free to call us, we will be happy to arrange a site visit with you, where we can get a first impression and, if possible, take measurements. We will be happy to develop ideas with you and then create a customised acoustic concept for you, which will ensure that your restaurant will also have a feel-good atmosphere.

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