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Acoustic moss by Nordgröna

Natural & authentic room acoustics

  • made from natural and genuine reindeer moss
  • handpicked & ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified
  • different colours, shapes & sizes
  • No care, water or sunlight necessary
  • Supports the improvement of indoor air quality
  • Sound absorber class A
  • Fire resistant according to ASTM E84 (Class A) and ISO 11925

New in objectiv’s range is the acoustic moss from the Swedish manufacturer Nordgröna. With this new company, there is now a manufacturer who has all aspects of this beautiful raw material well under control. The natural moss of this company is preserved through the use of sea salt. This way, it keeps its natural consistency and still smells very subtly of the forest at first.

The sound absorption is high, it is a first-class class A absorber.

The material is flame retardant, allergy friendly and serves as a natural air conditioning system by absorbing and releasing moisture. Thanks to the natural, patented preservation, the material made from handpicked reindeer moss requires no care or watering.

The selection includes a wide range of prefabricated shapes and colours. In addition to large images, you can install custom designs on walls and ceilings using the smallest units, called “pixels”.

As the leading German dealer for the young manufacturing team from Malmö, we have a wide range of tools for sampling. We will be happy to send you a brochure. You can also find prices and a downloadable brochure on our website.

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