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Room acoustics in daycares is a matter close to our hearts.

Often we find the rooms there with equipment that does not meet today’s acoustic requirements. We equip daycares with acoustic solutions for every budget on a weekly basis.

If you work in a daycare, you will have a good assessment of whether the noise level will be stressful for you, your colleagues and the children. If it is too loud, it must be reduced.

We organise the realisation in your daycare simply and quickly.

We visit you in the facility to get an impression of the conditions and to take measurements of the rooms. At the same time, we can also give you an overview of possible acoustic solutions from a design point of view. Following our appointment, we calculate the acoustic parameters and determine whether your premises meet the legal requirements. If there is a need for optimisation, we will develop a concept for a solution, which we will then send to you with explanations, sample images and our quotation.

This service is free of charge and without obligations for daycares.

If you hire us, we will arrange an installation date with you at short notice. Installation is quick, quiet and clean in coordination with the management. It can take place in day-to-day operations and is based on the procedures in the daycare.

Influence and optimisation of room acoustics in daycares

Daycares are elementary institutions within our education system with an educational mission. In order to do justice to this educational mission, conditions conducive to learning must be present in building terms as well. Research results from a wide range of studies have shown that noise has serious effects on children’s learning performance. Especially in younger children, hearing and language acquisition is not yet completed.

Fundamental factors for language acquisition and memory performance are made more difficult in the long term by poor room acoustics.

A reduction of the rating level and the reverberation times through room acoustic measures is therefore a priority building requirement.

Designing safe daycares

(From the Guidelines for the Design of Safe Child Day Care Centres of the Rheinischer Gemeindeunfallversicherungsverband Landesunfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen Gemeindeunfallversicherungsverband Westfalen-Lippe)

DGUV regulation 82 §6 building and room acoustics:

In rooms as well as in indoor common areas of daycares, building and room acoustics requirements must be met according to the intended use.

DGUV regulation 102-002:

In rooms as well as in indoor common areas of daycares, building and room acoustics requirements must be met according to the intended use.

Effective measures to reduce the overall noise level require compliance with the requirements of structural sound insulation.

A good speech intelligibility is achieved through acoustic construction measures. Lower reverberation times result in better speech intelligibility for all children. Rooms used by children with impaired hearing or by children for whom the language used is a foreign language must meet increased building and room acoustic requirements.


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