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Cubes & Columns

Acoustic objects

  • Acoustic column on 4 castors
  • Broadband sound absorber class A
  • BASF high-performance absorber
  • upholstered with acoustic material Twist, Twist Melange or Soul (felt), removable, washable
  • Fire protection class: all components DIN EN B-s2 d0, corresponds to B1
  • Zero-emission

The lightweight, robust and dirt-repellent acoustic objects are easy to assemble and disassemble and can therefore also be quickly repositioned: hence they form the ideal accessories for a complete improvement of the acoustics. Since their attachment or placement is very uncomplicated, they can also be retrofitted without the need for additional construction work.

Totem® acoustic column

The “Totem” acoustic columns were first made available in Germany by objectiv in 2009. They help to structure the space by creating quiet zones. Totems are preferably used in rooms where a hard floor or ceiling requires correction of the room acoustics: Halls, corridors, open-plan offices, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.

Often the sound absorption of a column is sufficient for a small conference room, for example. Just put it down, the immediate effect is guaranteed.


These objects, which are simply suspended from vertical ropes or can be stacked, are especially effective in rooms where it is difficult to dampen sound because ceilings and walls cannot be used for coverage. The strongly structuring and unusual elements animate the room and adapt easily to all design requirements.

The acoustic column “Totem” is a registered trademark. We produce the acoustic objects in Germany.


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