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Conference rooms

In conference rooms, the focus of acoustic planning is optimal sentence and word intelligibility. In addition, the quality of the environment is subconsciously linked to acoustic perception.


Sensibly planned room acoustics create a sense of high quality and good atmosphere.


At objectiv, we have been optimising conference spaces for many years and have acquired in-depth expertise in this specialised field. The solution to the acoustic question can be found quickly.


For this purpose, we scan spatially defined parameters. First of all, we would like to be informed about the utilisation concept, i.e. whether the space will be used predominantly for meetings at a conference table or whether lecture situations with frontal presentations are planned. Often the possibility of flexible use is the aim. Conference areas are also used for casual meetings or events with bar tables or without furniture.


The different ideas for use are incorporated into our acoustic considerations. We plan an acoustic solution that achieves the optimum room acoustics for all circumstances. Our approach always includes the optimal combination of effective sound optimisation and attractive design.


We base our calculations on DIN 18041, which is relevant for this type of room, and the workplace guidelines, where applicable.


We can determine the specific requirements on the basis of plans sent to us. For existing areas, photos are helpful for better visualization. Depending on the complexity of the structural situation, we can get a good impression of the conditions during a site visit.


By telephone or in person, we present our diverse options and agree on initial design ideas.

When we have enough data on the facilities and the wishes of the users, we determine the need for acoustic optimisation, develop an acoustic concept and send it to you with explanations, sample pictures and our quotation.

Do you have further questions on the subject of room acoustics in conference rooms?
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