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Home office

For some years now, working in a remote office has been increasingly in the focus of employees and companies. What has long been a daily routine for the self-employed and those working away from the main office has been an issue for a large proportion of workforces with office jobs since 2020 at the latest.


In addition to the cost reduction of workplaces in the private home environment, users benefit from the proven increased productivity, the better work-life balance and the positive effect on the employer brand.


Aspects such as ergonomics, light and acoustics are also important in the home office. As soon as a weekly work schedule in the home office is agreed upon with the employer, the employer is responsible for equipping the “teleworkplace” according to the Workplace Ordinance (ArbSchV).


Telephone calls and video conferences often take place in the home office. In most cases, the furnishings of the home office are not acoustically equipped for this.


The use of acoustic solutions always makes sense. Optimising room acoustics in the home office is often simple. In many cases, the use of one acoustic element is sufficient. For example, with a room size of approx. 12 square metres, an acoustic picture measuring 180 x 120 cm is normally sufficient to achieve an audible improvement in the room acoustics.


This not only complies with the guidelines of the Workplace Ordinance. Reducing noise levels also results in cleaner speech transmission during phone calls and meetings.


Reflecting sound and disturbing noise are minimised. The work is more relaxed and the external image more professional.

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