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Wall panels

Sound absorption on the walls:
Acoustically effective wall panels for architectural design

  • Broadband sound absorber class A
  • Metal frame with PET high-performance absorber
  • Covered on one side with acoustic material Twist, Twist Melange or Soul (felt), removable, washable
  • Fire protection class DIN EN B-s2 d0, corresponds to B1
  • Zero-emission

Acoustic panels can be assembled as individual elements or in rows to create sound-absorbing surfaces. They can be suspended from vertical ropes. They can also be clipped or screwed to the walls. There is also the option of attaching the sound-absorbers to metal walls or cabinets using magnets. Light and cable cut-outs in the panels are possible.

Through digital printing, a customised design with text, logos or images is possible. You can find more information here.


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