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Sustainability statement

Our use of resources and nature is changing our environment and that of our children.

At objectiv, we are committed to the environment and would like to help actively preserve nature with its diverse species in the long term through ecological action and sustainable products.

We have already achieved a lot in our immediate environment. For example, the offices, workshop and production facilities on our Cologne campus are supplied with green power. Bit by bit, we are converting the vehicle fleet to sustainable transportation. The percentage of e-bikes used by our employees is also increasing. Charging stations are available for our visitors in front of our office building.

The collaborative commitment even goes into the day-to-day details; we enjoy improving things. In this way, we are gradually reducing emissions and lowering the volume of waste.

We supply products for optimising sound and improving room acoustics on a daily basis, both nationally and internationally. A large share of the acoustic elements can already be made from recycled materials. The absorbers of the “Smart” series are made of at least 60% recycled fibres, 100% of which can be recycled after use. The frame of the ceiling panels and sails is made of aluminium. This also contains a high recycled content, which can fluctuate depending on the material return from the disposal systems. We take back the products in this series up to 20 years after purchase and recycle them. In this way, we want to contribute to using fewer and fewer resources in the short, medium and long term.

The “Smart ceiling” product package received the Red Dot Design Award in 2021. The coveted award was given for the high-quality design in combination with a sophisticated and so far unique circulation concept.

Glass fibres are no longer used in the products we manufacture. These can be problematic to health when processed because of carcinogenic, respirable fibres in the build-up and breakdown, and disposal has become difficult. We also avoid stone wool because of the extreme temperature requirements in production, which are harmful to the environment.

There is still a lot to do. We continue to improve the balance between economic and ecological management.

Our customers already know that with acoustic elements and furniture from objectiv they get a budget-oriented solution from the most ecological and sustainable production possible.

Our actions in detail


Acoustic panels “Smart” have an absorber made of pure fibre from at least 60% recycled PET. This is obtained from bottles, the material in the installed form is a textile that has been tested for harmful substances in accordance with the German Packaging Ordinance. Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Allergy-friendly, skin-sensitive, toxicologically harmless, environmentally compatible, resistant to cleaning, 100% recyclable as a valuable material. We take back and recycle the panels free of charge for up to 20 years. The acoustic pictures “AluFrame” with a fabric cover or custom design have an absorber made of a melamine resin foam manufactured by BASF. This product also has Oeko-Tex Standard 100, is emission-free and flame-retardant.


Our manufacturing sites, warehouse, workshop, installation and offices in Cologne are supplied with green power. We are in touch with the suppliers of our raw materials in order to increase sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.


Our attention is not exclusively focused on pure noise reduction products. In the context of production, delivery and shipping, we handle materials to protect and package our products. The objectiv team is constantly developing the type and resources of the packaging. For example, the “Totem” acoustic column, ceiling sails and acoustic pictures are often sent individually. Economical packaging without any wasted space is one way to help reduce the volume of transport by rail and road, given the quantities we produce.


We are already driving electrically and are continuing to expand in this area. Vehicles for outside sales and delivery are being converted to electric mobility. We support our employees by offering and promoting e-bikes.

E-charging stations for electric cars and hybrids are available in front of our office.

objectiv is red dot winner 2021

A favourite topic for the objectiv team is the reduction of noise in offices, conference rooms, daycares, medical practices, law firms and all kinds of spaces. We do not lose sight of our ecological footprint and remain active in conserving our products, handling and the resources we use to the greatest extent possible, while continuing to improve.