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Room acoustics calculation

In offices, conference rooms, lobbies, event spaces and daycares, we often find a high sound load due to a high proportion of sound-reflecting surfaces. The objectiv team develops solutions to reduce noise levels effectively and to direct sound in a sensibly. Special attention is paid to the aspect of language clarity. One component of our consulting is the integration of sound optimisation into the planned or existing design concept. We accompany builders, architects and users from the assessment of their acoustic requirements to design advice and the organisation of the installation.

You can make use of our expertise in several stages.

The “Small Acoustics Study” is a concrete calculation of your rooms based on data that you submit to us using the downloadable form below.

The study includes a written draft for the specific area of application, taking into account the relevant standards and, if applicable, workplace guidelines. The current reverberation time and the situation after the implementation of an optimisation can be seen in diagrams. The evaluation is illustrated with examples and we enclose a concrete quotation for the required acoustic products.

Cost: Euro €90 plus VAT/tax. Further information in the form.

The expert measurement of the reverberation time. We offer the measurement of reverberation time at special conditions. The package includes the timely measurement by a specialist engineer and the evaluation with comprehensible explanations. We will also send you a preparation from a design point of view with a concrete solution proposal for your requirements with our offer. A form to ask for a quotation can be found on the right.

Personal consultation on site. Please contact us at any time to make an appointment. We can coordinate the design and acoustics on site. On the basis of an orientation measurement, we explain possible solutions. You can also reach us by phone.

Sound measurement with the AcousticsApp - developed by objectiv®

Measurement or consultation?

From the Certo magazine for safety and health of the VBG (Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft) issue 7/2016: Inquiry of a prevention expert for office work: “Can you do a noise measurement? There are 6 people sitting in a room talking on the phone at the same time. Isn’t that too loud?” Answer from the VBG:” In case of noise problems in the office, it is usually not the volume but the reverberation time that is unpleasant and distracting. In this case, a measurement usually confirms the subjective impression.

Involving experts who can suggest room acoustic measures makes more sense here than a noise measurement.”


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