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Sound screens

Transparent sound screens

  • Translucent, clear, satin, printed
  • Fire protection class
    DIN EN B-s2 d0, corresponds B1
  • Zero-emission

The translucent elements of the LightScreen series are available in transparent, with a satin finish and printed. They are used as room dividers and reflect sound.

LightScreens can be used on adjustable feet, for example with a width of one metre, and thus are light and transportable. The partitions can be linked in a row and are also available as screens with hinges. As baffles, the screens can be suspended from the ceiling individually or in groups one above the other. It is possible to colour the surfaces according to your preferences.

LightScreens can be incorporated as walls from ceiling to floor, they unfold a unique visual and acoustic effect as a space-creating measure.

We are happy to support you in your planning. Whether as a single wall or an entire room with a door made of the same material. Take advantage of the diversity of our options.


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