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The improvement of room acoustics in offices has been one of our focal points for many years.


It is important to us to first understand the functionality of the spaces and their respective uses.


In an office with many users, it is not only important to reduce the noise level. We also have the issue of speech intelligibility in mind. Improperly planned reduction of the noise level can increase the quality of the speech transmission in an undesirable way. It is important to strike a balance between reducing the volume and adjusting the speech transmission in the room in a sensible manner.


Offices for one or two people, on the other hand, have different requirements, and we are happy to advise you on this.


Based on data and simulations, we can develop an effective concept for good audibility in the construction phase.


Our portfolio of acoustic solutions is ideal for optimising acoustics in established settings. We can install the necessary elements for an improvement in noise pollution during running operations with as little disruption as possible. Often only a fine-tuning of the existing conditions is necessary.


During a site visit, we can take short orientation measurements, explain our options and give a first impression of the necessary scope of a functional optimisation. Following our discussion, we calculate the requirements and send you our quotation with pictures and explanations.


The installation is included in the price and usually requires little effort.


Visits and advice are free of charge for commercial customers.

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