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Sanoflex wet area

Sanoflex wet and hygienic areas

  • different colours & sizes
  • High stability and durability
  • weather and UV resistant
  • minimal moisture absorption
  • Fire protection class B1 DIN 4102-1
  • zero emission

We have developed the Sanoflex product for wet areas, canteens, medical practices and clinics.

These sound absorbers are used ornamentally on walls and ceilings. The surface consists of an acoustically transparent membrane that can be changed with piping. The 5cm thick core is made of highly absorbent closed-cell polyethylene foam. The picture on the left shows an example from the UNI Clinic in Cologne.

The special properties of these acoustic panels are their insensitivity to moisture, chlorine and micro-organisms, their dust-repellent properties, their easy cleaning and the fact that they do not emit fibres or particles into the environment.

The panels are insensitive to disinfectants such as Incidin.

Sanoflex products are available in different colours and sizes. Cubes are also available in the wet room-suitable version.


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