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Room dividers

Separation systems for every kind of application

  • Broadband sound absorber class A
  • Metal frame with PET high-performance absorber
  • Covered on both sides with acoustic material Twist, Twist Melange or Soul (felt), removable, washable
  • Fire protection class DIN EN B-s2 d0, corresponds to B1
  • Zero-emission

Hanging between ceiling and floor, suspended or on adjustable feet, the acoustic screens are the perfect sound absorbers for large rooms: their textile covers are designed to completely cover all visible surfaces; they can be used to create quiet areas and subdivide rooms easily and flexibly. Printer enclosures reduce the noise emitted by the devices in the office space.

Arranged in rows, the acoustic screens become veritable “acoustic breakwaters” that give walls and ceilings an interesting graphic structure. Cut-outs for lights and cables can be custom-made.

Modular system for acoustic walls

With their adjustable metal feet and diverse surfaces that allow for a wide variety of design options, the acoustic screens form a complete system for modular acoustic room dividers. They are used in all spaces where acoustic comfort is desired without isolating users from each other: Conference halls, individually designed or communal workspaces, cafeterias, etc.

These walls are particularly flexible in use; they can be rearranged as needed at any time and they perfectly fit any style.


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