AluFrame Smart – the award-winning acoustic panel
Room acoustics sound absorber AluFrame Smart / acoustic panel / wall panel / ceiling panel

The product

The ceiling and wall panels of the AluFrame Smart series are the effective, design-oriented and cost-efficient solution for optimising room acoustics. With Class A sound absorber made of PET, the acoustic panels offer the highest possible sound absorption in the industry and still have the most elegant look.

The objectiv AluFrame Smart acoustic panel reduces noise, improves speech intelligibility and contributes to well-being. The acoustic panel is suitable and certified for both private and commercial use. It is the ideal acoustic solution for new buildings or for retrofitting sound insulation.

The assembly is versatile and easy to handle. High quality cable and magnet sets are included.

Disposal is free of charge and environmentally friendly thanks to objectiv’s nationwide “Take Back” system.

technical data

  • Aluminium frame white RAL 9003 shock-resistant
  • Powder-coated in a varnished look or aluminium anodised EV 1
  • with PET high-performance absorber
  • Sound absorber class A
  • Assessed sound absorption coefficient aw = 1.00
  • Sound absorber class A according to EN ISO 11654
  • Rating according to VDI 3755: highly absorbent
  • Fire protection class EN B – s1 d0, flame retardant according to EN B. B 1
  • Certified as a complete structure
  • adhesive-free, free from respirable fibres
  • Absorber: pure fibre
  • Textile tested for harmful substances according to Ökö-Tex Standard 100
  • allergy friendly, skin friendly
  • toxicologically safe
  • 100% recyclable – recyclable material
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Our production in Cologne

objectiv is one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic products in Germany. We at objectiv have been involved with the issue of room acoustics for over 20 years.

With high quality standards, care and experience, we manufacture at two locations in Germany. We pay particular attention to the compatibility and sustainability of our products.

Our objectiv AluFrame Smart acoustic panels are made from at least 60% recycled PET, which, in contrast to commonly used materials such as glass or rock wool, is free of respirable fibres, toxicologically safe, environmentally friendly, recyclable, allergy-friendly and resistant to cleaning.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

How many acoustic panels do I need to noticeably improve room acoustics?

The number of ceiling or wall panels required differs from room to room. To determine how many acoustic elements you need for your room, a calculation of the acoustic situation is necessary. The acoustic app can give a first impression of the sound situation. Probably the most accurate room acoustics app available, it measures sound and noise for all relevant frequency ranges.

In any case, we offer you a professional calculation of the need for room acoustic optimisation by our acoustics professionals. We will send you the calculation based on pictures and the room parameters such as the dimensions, furnishings, etc. with explanations, pictures and our offer including installation. In some cases, a personal consultation makes more sense than a pure calculation. If you have any questions regarding the calculation of room acoustics, please contact us.

How do the sound absorbers work?

In room acoustics, sound propagates as an airborne sound wave and encounters surfaces on the walls, ceiling and floor that either reflect, transmit or absorb the sound. The objectiv AluFrame Smart sound absorbers are made of a specially compacted, highly absorbent PET fleece which, due to its nature, increases the absorbent surface of the room many times over. Through friction of the air molecules, the sound energy is converted into heat in the absorber. This process is called dissipation.

Why are optimised room acoustics important?

Good room acoustics offer many advantages. The regulated noise level increases physical and mental well-being. Stress caused by noise is decreased, the ability to perform and concentrate is increased. The duration of the noise exposure and the strength of the noise level are decisive. Noise affects the nervous system and is thus often linked to exhaustion, sleep disorders and heart problems.

In a commercial context, improved room acoustics noticeably increase the ability to concentrate and the health of employees. Thus, the reduction of noise levels and the improvement of speech intelligibility contribute significantly to the perception of a professional environment.

RAL colours / colour palette / objectiv AluFrame Smart acoustic panel for wall and ceiling colours

Are there any options to customise the objectiv AluFrame Smart acoustic panel?

Yes. On request, you have the option to customise the impact-resistant powder-coated aluminium frame in all RAL colours. Furthermore, we offer special sizes up to dimensions of 2400 x 1200 x 55 mm. We offer the absorber in white and black.


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AluFrame® Smart dimensions and prices

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Ceiling sail with cable set:
Ceiling panel with magnetic mounting:

W 120 x H 240 x D 5,5 cm

€ 544.00

€ 574.00

W 120 x H 180 x D 5.5 cm

€ 519.00

€ 549.00

W 100 x H 200 x D 5,5 cm

€ 519.00

€ 549.00

W 120 x H 120 x D 5.5 cm

€ 343.00

€ 370.00

W 120 x H 60 x D 5.5 cm

€ 310.00

€ 338.00

W 180 x H 60 x D 5.5 cm

€ 378.00

€ 405.00

W 240 x H 60 x D 5.5 cm

€ 445.00

€ 472.00

Recommended price excl. statutory VAT. & shipping, special dimensions and individual mounting systems on request.