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In projects where large spaces such as warehouses will be transformed into offices or seminar centres, dealing with acoustics is always an important issue. Often the aim is to preserve the high ceilings, the brightness from large windows and the general feeling of space and expanse without compromising the acoustics of the room.

To ensure that many people can communicate well in a former hall without it becoming too loud, the sound must be optimised. The very word “hall” (even if it has a different linguistic origin) reminds us of “hall” as in reverberation or reverberation time. It is precisely this that needs to be optimised.

In a seminar centre, lectures and discussions should take place in a pleasant, perhaps even intimate atmosphere. If the acoustics are improved, the noise level is lowered, the conference participants, who may already be nervous, experience less stress and can relax. Optimal acoustics can not only contribute to this atmosphere, but are an elementary component in the planning of a seminar centre.

The sound optimisation procedure is short and painless and can be done in just a few steps. If possible, we will get a first impression and take measurements during a site visit. We explain what is possible and listen carefully to our customers’ ideas. Together we will discuss different options for the design of the acoustic elements.

The design aspect is one of our particular strengths. We are happy to develop ideas that match the colours and design concept of the seminar centres. Sound-absorbing elements, such as acoustic panels, can be integrated into the architecture or stand out decoratively, e.g. with free-standing acoustic objects or acoustic pictures on the walls.

After the site visit, we prepare an acoustic concept, which will be presented to our clients with the help of pictures and explanations of our offer. Assembly is normally carried out in a timely manner, naturally in coordination with your plans.

Sustainability is particularly important to us, which is why we produce in Germany with a high proportion of recycled materials. Furthermore, as a German manufacturer, we offer a “take-back” system, which means that we take back our Smart products free of charge for up to 20 years after purchase.

The result is a seminar centre that is no longer acoustically recognisable as a warehouse and is ready for many happy seminar participants.

objectiv has a number of references in the field of halls. Planning and acoustic equipment can often be implemented with a manageable budget.

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