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Sustainable “Take Back”- system
Image of a ceiling with objectiv AluFrame Smart ceiling panels to improve acoustics

Sustainable “Take Back”- system

Have you installed an acoustic system from objectiv in your office, medical practice, daycare or other premises? Are you moving house and unfortunately the acoustic panels can’t move with you? Call us! Now new at objectiv is the particularly sustainable Take Back System. We collect all products of the AluFrame Smart line from you free of charge throughout Germany and recycle the materials.


Our AluFrame Smartproduct family offers excellent class A sound absorption. The acoustic panels are made in Germany, high quality and particularly attractive in price. Furthermore, this product line offers a design-oriented acoustic solution and can be used either directly mounted or suspended from the ceiling.


The sustainability of our products is also special. Only pure, easily separable and recyclable materials are used in our production.


Acoustic products from other manufacturers are partly made of glass wool, which involves a lot of effort in disposal. It has to be disposed of in special, airtight bags and usually cannot be disposed of as a whole slab. As these bags have a size of approx. 1sqm, the absorber panels have to be cut to size and then packaged before disposal. Cutting must be done under safety precautions because of respirable fibres. The cost of a proper disposal of a 120 x 240 cm slab of glass wool, including labour and airtight bags, is about 20 – 30 €.


To make life a little easier for you, we guarantee a free take-back of our Smart products with nationwide collection for up to 20 years from the date of purchase. Our panels are easily recognisable by the logo corner. You provide the panels dismantled, we collect them.

Because production always brings with it the responsibility of disposal – and we don’t want to shirk that responsibility.


Be smart and let us take care of the recycling of our products. This way you benefit from our expertise, you save yourself the work and together we do something good for our environment.

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